Saturday, April 2, 2016

Breaking Tennis News

The following email was sent to our fourth Ian who has gone back to Aussieland for at least a long time. Phil in the middle is a retired judge from upstate Michigan whose yearly three month stay with his wife is about over. Scott from London on the right lives here. Nyoman from here in Bali couldn't play today. Usually we have four of the five and rotate. We rotate with three as well. That's a poorly maintained but fine with us clay court a short walk from here. I don't know how to smile on purpose. - dc

The Internations Invitational Classic, an extremely competitive tennis showdown, took place again today in Bali. The guys were a man down, but they battled through. Phil the ambidextrous law breaker was reportedly using underhanded time-pressure tactics to secure a victory. However, it turned out that no one knew what the score was anyway. The players, pictured below, observed a moment of silence for their MIA comrade. [Sent to Ian by Scott]

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