Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Bali Hindu New Year

Nyepi (see Saunters post from two days ago) at night - really dark - just a hint of light here and there. The whole island still in the day and dark at night. The only place in the world that shuts its airport I heard. Sneaking out we saw clear sky and stars like we were in the wilderness. That's a photo from last night off a friend's Facebook page.

The night before, Ngerupak when the Ogoh Ogoh are paraded was magical. People go out to see them on the streets. There were some around here. There was a late main event we hear which was to be a mile away. We almost didn't go. Walked there at 10:30pm not sure if something was happening there or not. It was. At one point I urged Katrinka and when it wasn't where we'd thought it would be she urged me. Got there. Maybe 25 of these statues were carried to he Matahari Beach grounds where one by one they went to a stage with dancers and gamelan players. Thousands watched. We too watched that and walked around in what Katrinka called a garden of Ogoh Ogoh with their carriers and others sitting around them.  What artistry. Amazing creative creatures based on mythical and other themes. There was one elsewhere of Trump. Another that was elsewhere was banned for its environmental theme but they got around that. Almost all are neighborhood projects. We saw six foreigners there. It went on past midnight. Almost no alcohol. Most people drinking water. Lots of young people. Such a civilized and well behaved crowd. We got lost from each other for a while. Katrinka commented on how comfortable she felt anyway. We went home by the beach walk in the dark. High tide. Waves lapping. 

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