Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A new table

Pak Kardino, a carpenter and fairly old guy for here (old people don't do well here) - 60s I guess - just built me a low table out of scrap that was around on the side - the top a leftover piece of teak plywood and camphor legs and frame below.  He was doing some work next door and I asked if he'd do it when he was through with them, told him do it quick, doesn't have to be perfect. Just want to use it on the porch because the two small round tables out here are a little too high for floor work. We measured and figured I should have 38 centimeters for my legs and the cushion I sit on. He did it in about an hour including teak trim tape glued around the edge of the plywood, nice joints where the legs and horizontal supports meet, finishing it in clear non gloss. It's perfect except I'll sand the legs a little. So I asked how much and he said whatever and I said no you tell me and he said, ok - 50. That's 50,000  rupiah which is $3.75. I gave him 100 and told him don't charge bule, foreigners, that little. He rode off happy on his bike.

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