Friday, February 19, 2016

Local Electricians and the cost of living

That's not our fan but ours has three blades which I think is best. Had a couple of electricians working here today for about four hours. They installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom which we wanted the landlord to pay for and finally broke down and did ourselves. Now the standup fan is out on the front porch where they put in an outlet. And they installed a new kitchen exhaust fan cause the old one had petered out. And a new control for the fan in my office which is really just a big closet and storeroom. And they changed some switches and lights so we had more control. Total bill -  Materials $86. Labor - $24 - Tip (which is not a local custom) - $6.66 at today's exchange rate. I never worry about asking for estimates because I know the cost will be less than I could imagine. Still we have to economize.

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