Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not all dreams have happy endings

Family and friend just spent six days on Lembongan, a small island off of south Bali. No cars. Lots of motor scooters and some small trucks with seats to move people around. For many, it's one of the best places to be round here. Last three days at Dream Beach with its somewhat rocky beach, strong waves. A little dangerous. That photo and all I found on web  picture it when the tide's out without any sizable waves. It can get rough there. Still there'd be a dozen people in the water including kids, most staying near that sandy trough and not too far out. I realized I'd gotten too far out and the current to the side was almost too strong for me. Wasn't pulling me out and I could have gone in there but managed to get back at the less rocky spot to come in. So exhausted. Thought if the tug there were just a bit tweaked it might have  been a different story. Note to self: Don't get careless with the sea.

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