Friday, December 4, 2015

That's a Hindu symbol

We were at a restaurant in Candidasa the other night and our hostess said that they're going to be able to play late because "the guys who run the island are here." She pointed to a table with six young tough looking guys in black. They weren't being tough though, just sitting there. She said they were from one of the gangs that are quite strong here. The police won't mess with them.

They provide more security at times than the police which don't have a reputation for providing security, more for wanting to profit off encounters with people even if the people are asking for help. Laskar is the biggest and most powerful gang. Here's a bit on them - they're gang #3. Here's a longer and better look at Bali gangs. I remember in Japan that the gangsters wouldn't mess with foreigners. We had a gang leader's headquarters near our home. But that ain't the case here. - dc

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