Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Fell backwards playing tennis on Saturday. Wasn't sure how I got there but was pleased that nothing hurt. Clay courts are definitely superior for falling. Was encouraged to sit for a while so let Nyoman and Scott M. battle it out without me. When we're three we take turns being one against two. Ketut who's in charge of the Grand Bali Beach Inna's recreation was there watching and he brought me a bottle of water. He then brushed clay dust off me.
Think I'd leaned back to get a high ball and then couldn't get balance back. But mainly it was a mystery. What was interesting was looking back at the fall and seeing that when it was obvious I was falling that my normal stupid mind shut off and the sub or something better conscious took over to slow time and place me perfectly. I've had that happen with prior falls. Went back to play, sort of off at first then okay. Scott and I walked home (ten minutes) and went into the pool. Katrinka was starting to cook. Normally I'd help but I lay down on the sattee and floated for an hour in almost sleep. Didn't wash the dishes as usual. Slept nine hours that night. Wasn't back to normal to next afternoon. Interesting to watch what the body does.

Ain't the Internet great. I Googled "fall backwards clay court tennis" and actually got a perfect example - even with skid marks. - dc

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