Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bali Plastic recycling expanding

Image from article on promising new Bali recycling project which will focus on recycling plastic not currently being done as mentioned below.

Walking to the Sanur morning market passed a walled in lot where a hotel has been razed. A guy with a heavy black jacket and motorcycle helmet still on walked out of the entrance as I passed. I wondered what he could have been doing in there. Just concrete and tile rubble left now. He had an empty plastic Aqua drinking water bottle in his hand and pushed it into a box on the back his motorcycle, one of two good sized boxes that hung like saddle bags on either side of the rear wheel. They were full of plastic bottles. Not just the most common Aqua bottles but some other types with heavier and colored plastic. Obviously he's going to sell this stuff and he must have to do this over and over to make any sort of profit. And that means he can cover his gas and other vehicle costs too. He probably is using the motorbike for other profit making ventures like delivering things. Ge Jek is big here.

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