Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So we finally got our KITAS or residence visas for Indonesia yesterday. That means we don't have to renew it for one whole year and don't have to leave the country to do that. Up to now we've had to renew almost every month. That meant at first paying an agent fifty bucks each to do it or, once I leaned how to do it myself, pay half that each month with at least three trips to the immigration office each time. We also had to leave the country to renew after two months for tourist visas at first and then after six months with social/cultural visas. The letters from Jakarta we needed to get the KITAS were not ready for our September trip to Kuala Lumpur so we had to return with tourist visas. But tomorrow we return to Bali victorious. There are other advantages to having the KITAS - local prices at hospitals for one. Can get drivers licences and have vehicles which we don't want to do. And we can lord it over mere tourists and social/cultural visa friends. But have to get permission to leave. - dc

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