Monday, October 5, 2015

Preparing for Lonliness

Katrinka flies to the US tomorrow, returned Nov. 11th so I'm loosing my buddy, partner, wife, lover, cook, trainer, this latter being the one that calls for inner strength. No problem here meditating in the morning and of course with every breath and movement throughout the day. We do that separately. But it's she who instigates yoga and walks. Even my swimming is related to going to the beach together or taking a break from typing and touch padding that she encourages. So there will have to be a sacrosanct schedule.
The Vipassana retreat at the first of November has no room for a partial participant right now as preference is given to those coming for the whole ten days - and Kelly arrives in the middle. I told Lily who runs them I could come right away any last minute time she let me know there was room. A Burmese monk who's been in Singapore for twelve years is leading it and I wanted to be there for that. Of course there are plans to get a lot done in this illusory veil of tears. We'll see. I'll take the kayak out and dream of Katrinka. - dc 

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