Monday, October 12, 2015

Annapurna to Disappear

Sad news. Annapurna, our favorite hang out is closing. The “Pay as you Feel” restaurant not only had the coolest crowd and best feeling, it had the best food – to us. Like food at home. Like hippie food. Not much meat or fish, sort of Indian, Indonesian, Mexican. Lots of dishes out in the evenings to choose from. Lots of vegetables.
Great funky, bluesy band Thursday nights. Open mike Monday and Saturday. I’ve played about five new songs there. Katrinka and I had our wedding dinner there. It’s only been open sixteen months and now Ben’s going to the States. Also, he said he can’t afford to keep supporting it. Sure – he should go. He’s still in his twenties. What’s App’d Katrainka and she responded there will be a big hole when she gets back.

Look at their Trip Adviser Page - that material on the table there where Ben's standing was a gift to the place, actually to the family, from Katrinka and me soon after they started. - dc 

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