Friday, September 25, 2015

Tea Talk

At the Petronas Towers the other day, waiting for Lai Moon, sat drinkng teh tarik (pull tea) and watched three cranes working on tearing down a building across the street and back a ways. One of them had a mega jackhammer. Like big monsters chewing on the concrete skeleton. Asked a waiter about the recent demonstrations asking the PM to step down. I told him that my Chinese Malay friend, CK, said that there were half a million demonstrating. I figured that would be like having five million in the US demanding the president resign.
The waiter said that they assembled nearby and wore yellow and that the government supporters wore red and there was some trouble from them. Lai Moon is a bit nervous about possible repercussions against the Chinese community here. She said that red shirts tried to storm Chinatown recently and were sent away by police. There's a US State Dept. suggestion not to go there now. CK said that the first day of the demonstration that it was mostly Chinese but on the second there were about forty percent indigenous Malay - Bumi Putra.

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