Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We have used several local tailors and leather workers with little hole in the wall places. They do good work cheaply. I have to get sandles with good arch support and have worn out two pair. Local leather guy fixes them for about 75 cents US and says he'll make me a new pair but he keeps putting that off. Have a small backpack for going to the morning market and it gets so weighted down have to get the straps fixed. Same price. We've bought sarongs and had them made into napkins for gifts to friends passing through. Mentioned to Katrinka I'd like another pair of linen pants like the one bought online in the US (for $90) before coming here that's wearing out.
She took my older one to the tailor on the corner with a nice shop who does suits and stuff - not for anyone I know. She also gave him, for shortening the legs because I walk on my pants cuffs, pants she'd gotten 2nd hand and some nice ones she got for our wedding and then opted for other pants for that. Yesterday picked up the new linen pants and the two others. Total cost about $32.  That photo is off the web.

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