Monday, September 7, 2015

Struggle to get back

Swimming is known as an excellent, low impact exercise. I've only recently started thinking of swimming that way. The ocean in Sanur is perfect for that. It's calm - the waves are out by the reef a couple hundred yards out - but it's got a current that pulls to the side and out to a lesser extent depending on where. I can do a backstroke if there's even a foot of water by the shore. It gets deeper gradually.
I go out beyond the jetty to where the current is stronger, past the floating globes that I guess are to protect swimmers and waders from passing boats. Then try to get back in to the place on the shore from which I started. Its hard to do. If I fail, I'll just go to the side beyond the jetty, and have to walk back down the beach. Twenty minutes is enough and then back to the computer which I call work.  That photo grabbed from the web is the very place. - dc

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