Friday, September 18, 2015


St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
Katrinka and I went to Kuta for the baptism of almost five month old Mary, daughter of  blind Philip and sighted Rini next door. Rode in a van with the family following a bus load of Rini's friends and relatives from the western side of the island.  Philip had been given the runaround for a month from the even larger Catholic church near us in the Renon section of Denpasar. He had a little problem with his last marriage and divorce.
No longer being a church goer but he's got a sense of tradition or something. He went to this church yesterday, talked to Father Hubert, from Java, and it was set for this morning. Rini made a call to her village at 4pm and there were about 30 of them here this morning by 8:00. The godmother who had to be Catholic is the nun who helped - she wasn't dressed like a nun to me.  Great feast afterwords at the sports bar down the street where he tends to spend some time everyday with his assistant, Nyoman.

Here's inside. Photos off Internet.

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