Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leaving KL

Yesterday touching party for Katrinka and me at the school here in Kuala Lumpur where we stay. The theme was congratulating us for getting married and included looking at our wedding photos and videos (See Wedding label on the right) and cookies and cupcakes. Evening at Wai and Vidyas with food, puerh tea, sparkling grape juice toast, and music. Amrita and I played songs on the guitar and Wai played Chopin and son Arian played an amazing fierce piece from the soundtract of an anime film. Sam can play too but just did a little background with a yuke. Vidya was on drums in his office when we arrived. Such great people including Grandpa Brother and Granma Nancy. Laura and kids here at the school (Tuesday through Friday). We will miss them.

Leaving KL and this great fast fiber optic connection today. Got till noon to keep uploading. Getting the cuke video page with Youtube mirror upgraded and expanded would have taken so much longer in Bali.

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