Monday, August 3, 2015

Last Eye Drop

A few days ago had my last eye drop. Been taking them since late June, since when I first went to the Indera hospital here. After that last drop got curious and looked up on the Internet average cost for lazer surgery in the USA to correct a detached retina.
The site I went to reported five to ten thousand dollars for everything. I had three visits to that hospital, saw two doctors and assorted nurses and assistants, got various tests, and was told on the last visit by the eye surgeon that it's good now. Total cost to me about two hundred dollars. Now I saved some here because Indera doesn't usually deal with foreigners, has no international section, and I had to use a good deal of Indonesian - though if I hadn't they would have figured it out. Landlord David said he gets better service and lower costs by not going to the places that specialize in foreigners - he'd broken an arm recently. But the cost in those places would also have been way way below America's insane gouging. Will let you know if my eyeball falls out. - dc

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