Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Labor Practices

The tradition here is for people to work everyday and take off when there's a ceremony and there are a lot of ceremonies. But still it seems to me they get taken advantage of. Blind Londoner Philip next door has Nyoman who's with him all day everyday. Philip's wife Rini has a helper named Ilu who's with her and her baby, Mary, all the time. She's living there.
They don't seem to have days off and I bet they get paid a shocking little.  Ilu came back with Rini recently from the village where they come from. Ilu had never been to the big city, Denpasar - and Sanur is on the edge of Denpasar - and this is not a big island - four hours to get anywhere. I don't think it occurs to anyone including Ilu that maybe she should see something, some sights - the beach a block away. Think I'll bring it up with Philip and Nyoman (whom Philip calls Neuman) while they're at the pool drinking beer - or maybe while they're at the porch drinking beer. [That image is from a local nanny service website]- dc

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