Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Wedding

Katrinka and  I got married on the 10th of July at Sindhu Beach in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, by a Buddhist priest in the Theravada tradition. The liturgy is in a previous post. The volcano eruption in Java has been a factor. The priest for our wedding returned from Bangkok shortly before the airport was closed because of too much particulation in the air. We haven't noticed any down here in Sanur. Larger photos by Will Wiriawan follow.

Katrinka with Bridesmaid Alice Dill (from Marin) and Best Man Danu Prasetyoko (from Surabaya, Java)

Pendeta (priest) Romo (title) Handy presides. He's from Kuta, Bali. Nice cool breeze.

Kids, photographer friends, people who prefer to stand are all around.

Danu lights the blue and yellow candles

Alice lights two other candles.

Priest lights the middle red candle.

Romo Handy says something that makes us laugh. After all the serious looking faces, especially from me, my default, wanted to add this.

That's Kris (for Krisna) Patra with the guitar - nice background jazz riffs. His mother Kim is on the far left top - from Australia, married a Balinese, been here forever. Her older son Ben runs Annapurna restaurant and is stuck in Australia due to the volcano. They are a delightfully musical family.

Me DC barely able to get the words out.

Her turn.

Relieved the mushy part is over. Everyone loved it.


My ring is to go to Katrinka soon as I never like wearing anything but clothes. But it's been on for two days and it's ok for now.

Tying the knot.

Bound together.

Now for the big wrap.

Mt. Agung is back there not covered by clouds, visible to us but not in the photos. Sanur is on a peninsula in the south of  Bali so we're facing east, the sun setting behind us.

We've got those parasols on our porch now.

Sprinkling water.

Untied and unwrapped, Romo Handy has a few good words.


One of the only, maybe the only acceptable public kiss.

The plight of troth is done.

Document time.

We both signed.

Danu and Alice signed as witnesses.

A representative from local government gives us their certificates - one for me and one for her.

See that eight story building way back there. It's part of the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel and was the first and last of such buildings - built by Japanese as part of war reparations. After that a law was passed allowing no building taller than a coconut tree. But that's not on our minds.

For lots more, go to Katrinka's Facebook page and tell her cuke sent you.

Tomorrow post wedding photos by Will Wiriawan

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