Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rock to Uncle

In response to the post on theft in Bali and how they used to stone thieves here on the spot, Gregory Johnson wrote: Been keeping up a little with your "monk" adventures in Bali, the gist of which - humans are humans, the good, bad and the ugly everywhere! My god - stoning someone to death, yikes!!! When I was in India trekking in Kashmir, a fight broke out in a mountain village between two family rivals for who would get to serve us tea that resulted in a young man throwing a rock, hitting an elder in the temple knocking him unconscious rupturing an artery. 

Started an inter- family riot. We were barely able to get away from - thought the old man dead! We beat feet and several weeks later inquired about what happened, figuring the old guy died -well, there he was grinning ear to ear, stitched up with bandages on his head and his nephew in jail in the lowlands for assault! They have their system of justice and apparently nephew had to pay restitution for inflicting harm on his uncle.

Don't know why this is breaking up words. Will figure out. - dc

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