Thursday, June 11, 2015

Get me to the Court on Time

 I was in a minor auto/motorbike accident this morning and it affected my tennis game. It was nothing mentally or emotionally, but my body was shook up. I was a little queasy. Bali Bill said it was good I'd gotten out of there quick or they might have figured out a way to blame it on me.

I'd wanted to be early for tennis today cause I had an opened can of balls that had been used only once and someone had opened a can after that accidentally and I knew that if I were late that another fresh can would be opened and was worried that by the time we used these balls they'd be too dead. It's a fifteen minute walk to the court and it was fifteen after 7am - we play at 7:30 - so I took a taxi - there's a taxi stand just around the corner from our place. It's less than a one dollar ride but he wouldn't go for less than two so I said okay, just get me there quick.

First we waited for a while at a light and then he got a call and was paying attention to it and driving so slow that all the cars were passing him so I urged him kindly to get on it. He was just starting to make a U turn to the hotel with the court when a motorbike with the same idea smashed into his door. Immediately there was a cop. I handed the driver the money, opened the door, and, wanting to get away before the cop thought of me as a witness, dashed across the busy street and to the hotel service entrance, to the basement closest to the court up three flights of stairs on the third floor, and entered puffing in time to hear the sound of air emitting from a can of new tennis balls being opened. 

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