Friday, June 26, 2015

At the Sick House

Continued from yesterday's flashing crescent story. Called our doctor this morning and he came right over and talked to me a bit. He suggested I see an opthamologist at an international hospital - they'll take you right away and specialize in dealing with foreigners. I said they were too expensive and I wouldn't learn anything. Wanted to go to one for locals. He asked if I wanted a free one. No - how about something in between? We'd heard of one in particular - Sanglah. He said yes it's good. It or Indera. But you may have to wait a long time there.
He talked to Nyoman, our local driver, and then I asked Nyoman to come in half an hour. The doc started to leave but I asked him to wait a sec, got a 100,000 note and he said thanks. House call for $7.50. Nyoman prefered Indera so I went there. Lots of people but I didn't have to wait long for anything. Had several eye tests before getting to the eye doctor - first person there who spoke English. I explained the flashing, said it wasn't as strong or often as yesterday. She did some tests, put drops in my left eye and shortly after checked it a couple of ways. Couldn't find anything wrong but arranged for me to see an eye surgeon tomorrow morning to make sure. Asked if I'd lifted anything heavy. Told me not to play tennis for a month or strain myself too much. She does yoga too and didn't tell me not to do it. Said I should be sure to go to the Vipassana retreat because it will be good for my mind. She wrote two scripts for eye drops. The receptionist downstairs applied them. I was out an hour after arriving. Clearly I got special treatment. Nobody waiting or working there seemed uptight or upset anywhere. I'd been to a number of different rooms and halls and floors. Had someone guiding me at all times. Nobody was in a hurry, would chat a bit and help me understand the right words to use for this and that. Total cost - twenty bucks. I felt like they'd forgotten to charge. And oh yes - hospital in Indonesian is Rumah (house) Sakit (sick). 

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