Saturday, May 9, 2015

Little Lizards Running Round

The organic and inorganic debris brought in by the storm and high tide has been cleaned up from where we go in Sanur anyway. It's been so cool recently - below eighty - and now there's a strong breeze - feels like seventy. Meanwhile back at the homestead, we've got some new critters.

Little reptiles - not gekkos. They're fast and don't slide around on the walls and ceilings like gekkos. Really small - like an inch. Seen one now and then since returning from Malaysia. Last eve while Katrinka was making dinner, I was reading to her, a regular event. She picked up a bag of corn chips on the table - there are really good corn chips here - and zip! one of the little guys came streaking out straight into me and then down on the floor and off. She couldn't tell if it came from in the bag or under the bag. I remembered something I'd read when we had that biawak, monitor lizard, living under or behind the kitchen sink cabinet. I read that they like to go to secluded places to lay eggs. Hmm. Maybe that's her kids. Wow. Wonder how many there are. They can lay over thirty eggs. They can get up to nine feet long but mom was more like two. We might have to add on to our place.

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