Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beach Story

Scott, whom I will see on the tennis court tomorrow morning early, told me about being in Phuket on the morning of December 26, 2004.

That's a local sign.

He and his wife had just gone for a run on the beach and were sitting at a table in their hotel when people started running out of the room. He and his wife ran too, thinking it was a bomb scare. When they got away from the building they stopped, but a Japanese woman running by called out, "Tsunami!" Scott said they're still alive today because of her. They had time to get to high ground and never saw it because they kept climbing. For six hours they sat, looked down, and watched ambulances take bodies away. Back at their hotel there was a Landrover upside down on the spot where they'd been eating breakfast. The first two floors of the hotel were devastated. Their room was on the third floor and all was intact. They stayed for two days, the only remaining guests and said the staff took good care of them and there was no charge. Then they went to Bangkok and waited a few days for a flight. All embassies offered free phone calls to anywhere. Flights home were free. Planes were flying out to America and Germany and other countries filled with corpses. Over 8000 are estimated to have died in Thailand from the tsunami. A total of 230,000 in 14 countries estimated overall.

The court where we play is one of a few gathering spots I've noticed for evacuating people from here before a tsunami hits. It's on the third floor of a sturdy building. I think I'd stay there. There are other equally high buildings between there and the ocean. And it looks like from the article below that a tsunami here would likely come from nearby leaving us little time for warnings or escaping.

Here's a scary cautionary article on the subject for Bali - especially in the southern area where we are - dc

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