Thursday, April 30, 2015

Won't Criticise Executions in Indonesia

After all the harm caused by my country in Asia, as the US ranks 5th on the global execution scale, I think it unwise to be overly judgmental about Indonesia's recent execution of eight foreigners for drug offenses committed a decade or so ago.
If it was the US who executed them, I'd point out the brutality, ignorance, and hypocrisy. As there are powerful and wealthy people in my home country who walk free while many poor and weak are crushed without mercy, how could I decry that in another place? As America in recent years up to now slays countless numbers in the Mideast out of greed, hate, and delusion how could I criticize another country for targeting foreigners?  I will pray for a more effective response, harm reduction, applied scientifically, and sincerely, rather than blind violence, It would surely reduce the suffering all around - if anyone cared to do that. - dc

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