Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grimace and Pride Points

For the early morning hot water I squeeze the juice out of a lime and drop the squeezed semi-orb in the compost.
The other day I dropped the squeezed peel in my cup after having squeezed the juice into the compost. That was a grimace point. My built in temperature gauges on the other hand are bragging points. One way I measure the heat here is by how hot the pavement, how much I must hop or walk fast, at the pool as I walk around to jump in at the deep end after yoga around noon. Another is how much sweat during yoga which we do with no fans in a closed room. A few days ago went to the pool wrapped in a towel and prepared for the day's measurement of heat, dropped the towel and started to walk. And then I wondered, why was I wearing a towel? I always carry a towel and put it on the table. I wear it to the drying rack to put on my swim suit, wear the towel because I'm naked. Oh -oh. Skipped a step. Put the towel back on, went back to the drying rack, slipped on my swim trunks and resumed the morning ritual. That was another grimace point.

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