Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Worst Ever

Katrinka and I went shopping at a big supermarket in Denpasar today cause we were near there anyway looking for a cheaper place to get Katrinka some prescription glasses - all were the same high price and no plus contacts maybe on the whole Island, maybe in the whole country.
Tiara Dewata is the name of the place - Crown (of) Princess. Really big and lots of stores and departments inside, around, and upstairs - aside from a very large area for groceries and home goods. Got some dim light bulbs to sneak into the outdoor porch lights of the places next to ours so there isn't that bright glare at night. Got some post-its and duct-like tape (remember couldn't find that in India). A small chargeable light fan for when the electricity goes off. We looked for baking soda - no luck. Hard to find. Some greens. Forgot the ginger. I was hungry. Nyoman led us through a kid's amusement area with bumper cars and video games and little trains on tracks and stuff to a food court where we had bento - Japanese food - sort of. We agreed it was the worst ever and there is some really bad Japanese food in train and bus stations in Japan - but told Nyoman we enjoyed it for the experience.

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