Monday, March 16, 2015


There was a spider in the bathroom about two inches across, long legs.
I tried to catch it but it was too fast - could jump to the side quicker than I could cover it on the wall with a plastic cup. I catch large wasps that are against the plate glass front wall windows here like that, slip a matted piece of calligraphy from Hoitsu Suzuki behind them, walk outside and fling them into flight. Got a tiny centipede in the bathroom the other eve with some tissue and put it out there. But this brown spider was too fast for me. It would stay still till I was right next to it but when I pushed the cup in quick it would be gone so quick I'd think I'd gotten it. Glad it's that quick because I hate to sever a leg. I recall Elin's mother in Japan asking me to do something about the larger spider on her wall. They really have some big ones there. I tried so hard to get it and ended up cutting off two of its legs which was upsetting and it was also upsetting to hear her say, "I thought Buddhists were kind to animals." Gave up on the spider here. Was relieved when Katrinka on her laptop reported there are no dangerous spiders in Bali. Here it is: the Huntsman or Bedside Spider. She says she read it's native to Australia and came over here on ships. Glad the super poisonous ones from there haven't come.- DC

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