Friday, March 20, 2015

No Posts Tomorrow because of Nyepi

That's right. Nothing from cuke tomorrow. See note below just sent to a friend who wrote he pictured me in a sarong dancing to gamelan.

Yes we're living on the side of a volcano making sacrifices to the gods awaiting the giant ape - oh wait, that's another island. Here in Bali - actually, yes, a lot of Sarongs and I hear gamelan not far away right now. And tonight is the big parade with Ogoh Ogoh right near our place with giant floats and tomorrow Nyepi, the traditional new year (1937 in the Hindu Saka Calendar) and a day we're required by law to stay inside in the dark. TV and radio won't have signal but there is electricity and I think Internet but we'll see. That's from 6am Saturday to 6am Sunday. We've got everything ready to eat and drink so we won't light any fires or heat anything. I mentioned to a Bali friend (half Aussie) that we might cheat a little and have our computers on and maybe watch a DVD or two or so. He said, "Everybody cheats." Tomorrow is also the first day of autumn here but they don't think of it that way - just rainy and dry seasons - we're just getting out of an especially long rainy season.

Here's a cool Nyepi video on You Tube: The Story of Nyepi. And it's got Ogoh Ogoh stuff too!

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