Saturday, March 14, 2015

Inhabited Hairy Fruit

I often get the fruit called rambutan - rambut is hair and the red olive to egg sized oval fruit is hairy. Often I've noticed it comes with ants.
Also I forget it comes with ants and thus bring ants inside. That doesn't seem to matter much, maybe because of all the little gecko that are hiding here and there. The black ants here don't bite and I hardly ever see red ones. That's good cause I find black ants crawling on me frequently. But still, if we notice ants in any fruit, we'll take it to the porch. I got a bouquet of maybe 15 of them - I get them at the market still on the end of sticks - early in the morning and went back out to work in a little cafe. When I came back they were on the porch in a bowl. I assumed it was ants. Yep - could see them climbing on the sticks. I picked up the bundle and shook it. Lots of little black ants. Then picked one off and bounced it on the floor. About three more came off. I open them with my teeth revealing the white juicy inside ball. I chew around the seed, spit it into the cover, throw that by the wall to begin what will be a pile. More shaking them together, hitting them on the tile, bouncing the singles. After a while there was, as predicted, a pile of peels and seeds and lots of little black ants running around - and lots and lots of teeny tiny ants too. But didn't get any in my mouth that I noticed. I wondered what happens to orphan ants. Here's a cool page on that. 

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