Monday, March 23, 2015

Burying Trash on the Beach

When I was at the beach watching the Bali Hindu Saka New Year sunrise yesterday, noticed a line of trash at the high tide mark, not a lot but more than usual from the pre Nyepi celebrations. [See yesterday's post for more on this] Then saw some women in uniforms approaching.
They had large rakes and hoes, I watched them rake into piles the organic and inorganics along the high tide line. Then watched them dig holes with hoes and pull the trash into the holes. Walked up and thanked them for cleaning the beach and asked who paid them. The city. Now I'm wondering if I should try to do something about this obviously poor waste management system. I've seen it elsewhere. It's going to be another mistake that comes back and bites them - like all the coral removal that destroyed the beaches of Candidasa. Maybe a word to the fancy hotel that uses this beach. Katrinka suggested getting a local to do it. I'll talk to Ben at Annapurna. He's local and half Aussie. 

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