Thursday, February 19, 2015

Human Extinction or Almost and Archiving

Just read this downer from Dmitry Orlov about the fate of the US and the whole world as we know it. Don't read it if you get discouraged by the thought of the not so far away collapse of civilization and a lot of extinction.
Got a link to it from Eric Arnow who also mentioned the Dark Ages were called dark because info storage broke down and not much survived from there and he went on to say it seems that digital info also degrades and so forth. I wrote back that yes I know that and had written about it on cuke and plan on making an acid free paper version of cuke and then I think we should make some sort of tablets with key stuff - could probably do better than stone these days. Just doing this digital dance for its here and now value in the spirit of the monk who wrote poems on leaves and tossed them in a stream. I do think that it's likely a few of us will survive for the long run. Also am aware that early Christians didn't preserve a lot cause they thought that the world would end soon so, acting on the principle that everything I think is wrong, continue working away on the Suzuki archives etc as if there were no end to tomorrow. 

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