Thursday, February 12, 2015

Congo Rainforest Elephants

Congo rainforest, seeds, elephants, and rain around the world

Monday and Thursday 8am doubles. Had a spill on the tennis court this morning, falling forward splat on the court. Acupuncturist Aussie Ken ran to help me as I barked to him to stop the ball from rolling into a puddle on the side. No scrapes. Refused to sit out some but could hardly hit the ball afterwords. Light-headed. Hip joint hurt a little. Finally did sit and watch. Walked home sort of groggy. Ate some of Katrinka's well roasted fresh musli. Went to sleep for a couple of hours. Lacking the usual urge to get things done, a little nauseous, now am browsing BBC articles. Above is a brief film accompanying one. Got the ball back in but still lost the point.

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