Saturday, January 31, 2015

Feeding the Local Devils Trash

Yesterday posted again about trash. I used to think of it as a cosmetic problem but, especially after seeing the documentary Trashed, I realized how insidious the global trash problem is and how there is a continuum from litter to microscopic plastic particles in the oceans and awful chemicals like dioxins.  And no one can say it's a local problem because the world is a big soup which mixes itself constantly.
People here make daily offerings to the spirits to encourage the good and placate the bad ones. I talked to a reggae rapper from Flores about creating a song that says litter is an offering to bolster the evil spirits, that throwing plastic waste in waterways is feeding the island devils, creating suffering and awful karma. We're all doing it all over the world. What else is evil other than behavior that causes harm? He encouraged me to work on it. Maybe. Or maybe it would just be more trash.

Finally did that song: Offerings (Persembahan Persembahan)

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