Friday, October 12, 2018

Kelly Chadwicks' birthdays

Kelly my son's birthday was eight days ago and proper birthday greetings were delivered. Kelly my father's birthday is today and he would have been 114 had he not died when he was 53 in the wee hours of November 1st, 1956 which I've always thought of as Halloween. I'm most grateful to have had both Kellys in my life - both wise, both kind.

In the nature vs nurture tug of war, I think we overestimate the extent to which parents' nature or behavior shapes who we are and I also think we overestimate the extent to which our parents' genes contribute - though both I believe to be highly significant. I see karma as factored into both and sprouting out alone as well the soul's daemon with no apparent earthly cause.

Disclaimers: I do not have court admissible evidence to back up my point of view but then again I don't depend on it - however things are is hidden from view it seems and whatever is is okay with me. The word soul to me is just a place holder.

Top photo Kelly Chadwick 1946.
Bottom Photo Kelly Chadwick c2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Diving Meditation

Our friend Sarah is a well-known diving guru who wrote Diving in Indonesia. Here's an article by her: Scuba Diving: Underwater Meditation.

(Katrinka and I aren't divers but we snorkle sometimes)

All's Name

I went to the All-that-is-and-all-that-isn't and I said, "Oh All, can I call you All?" and the All said, Yes, any name will do for that which has no name. But it's up to you to relieve each name of its baggage. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ears of the Dogette

Eating a delicious crunchy soy cracker, a couple of crumbs fell to the floor, one the size of the head of a nail and the other maybe a quarter inch square. I picked them up off the clean kitchen floor and,  resisting the urge to follow the three second rule, walked over to doggy Bandita's stainless bowl and dropped them in. She was way away up front in the courtyard. A tiny ding emitted from the larger of the two crumbs striking the metal - not near loud enough for Bandita to hear I thought. I returned to the counter to finish preparing my Sumba Red tea with grated ginger, heard a noise, and turned around to see Bandi lapping up the crumbs. What amazing ears.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

A New Job

I applied for a job with the universe saying I was tired of living for myself, I give myself to you for the benefit of all. I got the job. "OK," I said, "What's my assignment? What would you have me do?" I was so excited. And the universe replied, "Nothing."

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Steps of Singapore

Glad to be back in Sanur. A few memories of Singapore.

Mornings we'd get milk tea, half-boiled egg, and toast in an old run down Chinatown shopping building upstairs at a food court stall - that and coffee all they served. Sign on the wall nearby - No Touting. Learned that meant hawking wares. Kat says coffee was good and strong like the tea. Small cups. Had a Michelin plaque of approval - no stars. But the little dim sum place we had lunch yesterday had one Michelin Star - and a drawer. in the table at each seat for utensils, napkins, toothpicks. The food there - all over - is too too good but okay for a few days - before we fall under its spell until we run out of money.

Singapore is like Dharamsala in one way. Walk up and down a lot. After just four days there I had lots more stamina for stairs. Our hotel room on third floor and everywhere we'd go would take us up and there's lots of up or underground - a whole world there of trains and shops. Walk the steps and he steps by the escalators and walk the escalators with no steps. Now back home going to start a new practice. Gonna double and triple use the steps to the 2nd floor and back - up down up or up down up down up and down up etc. Want to keep the strength gained on the myriad Steps of Singapore.

Check out Justin Zhuang's Escalating a Nation

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

Singapore's Botanical Gardens are to me the number one thing to do here. It's massive, has an orchid garden and a cool house for orchids from cooler climes - can walk around in it for hours. Yesterday we went to the fairly new Gardens by the Bay and were pleasantly surprised to see it was much more than we'd imagined. All the images of it I found online with a quick search emphasized the constructions and glitz but the gardens outside of that are extensive. We enjoyed some of them and, since it was late in the day, we spent the last hour and a half in the giant cloud and flower domes. The domes and the super trees gave me the impression I was walking within James Cameron's Avatar world. The Cloud Dome walk ends with a well-presented series of concise videos on the dire environmental threats we face. That followed by a brief big screen film on the same subject. The super trees I learned are solar collectors that run the place and that all the water, and there's lots of it, comes from rain and is recirculated. The place has a noble and serious educational component. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bali Community Choir

The Bali Community Choir has got a concert coming up. Our friend Sylvie Blanchet (from Vermont) is in it. She writes: We're a very diverse collection of people from all over the world who love to sing together.  Our talented and funny choir director. is Brendan O"Donnell from Australia who has led choirs in Australia. The concert is at SMK 3 School, Jl. Tirta Nadi, N Sanur on Saturday Oct 13 at 7 pm. Here's the flier for it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crazy Rich Singapore

We're in Singapore for a few days, getting our new residence visas for Indonesia. Walked around town, took the MRT subway (though it's above ground further out), We're staying in Chinatown. Had some great food, cheap there, more on posh Orchard Road, and most by the rockin' river. All food good, very good. The river boat ride at night passes by astounding skylines, architecture, variety, old, new, imaginative, much of it lit like Vegas, and like the vast malls of the city, shouting glamour and glitz. At an Imax saw Crazy Rich Asians which mainly takes place in Singapore - got a lot of good shots of the city too - and focuses not on the obvious and enormous wealth of the exterior, but on that of the super-rich elite and likely in a make-believe way. My favorite line in the film from a parent urging a child to eat all their food with, "Think of the starving children in America!"

Monday, October 1, 2018

Disaster in Sulawesi continued

The Science of Indonesia's Surprise Tsunami

The poor people of Palu had gone to the beach for a ceremony commemorating the city's birthday. Our friend Sarah was here yesterday. She wrote Diving in Indonesia and was at a diving resort on Suluwesi and there was a volcano going off near her triggered by the earthquake and the news made a big deal of that but it's a volcano that goes off once or more every year so it was no factor for the people there - unlike here in Bali 1100 miles away, no one lives under it. And she was far from the earthquake epicenter and tsunami too. This link is on how the tsunami was not expected, unique condition.