Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Secret Walk

It keeps thinking it's rainy season. But didn't rain till eve today. Before that I took Bandita for a walk. We stopped at the baracade of bamboo poles and standing signs for other purposed - Sorry for the delay, there's a ceremony - Slow, roadwork. At the nearby narrow lane leading to the beach - looked longingly down - wall t the Prama Hotel to the left and to the Mercure to the right. Two women rode up on a motorbike. I asked if they knew when it would be open. One of them told me to go on in now. I said it's forbidden. She said it's okay if you have a mask. She got off her motorbike and pulled back a standing sign, gesturing me to go on in. I haven't seen any pecalang guarding it in a while, maybe a week. They followed on their bike. On our way in we we met a guy on a motorbike on his way out. Saw six othre people here and there in the thirty minutes we were there - three working. It was windy. It's been over two weeks. Bare feet in the sand. a nice break.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Beach opens soon?

A pecalang, neighborhood securty and service guy, at an entrance to the beach here in Sanur, said he thought it would open up on June 1st. Dogette Bandita and I sure hope so. She wants to run free and wade into the water and I want to swim. I can swim at a very nice nearby guest house pool anytime I want but I use my afternoon break to take her for a walk and usually don't want to then go to the Kolonial House a good two minutes away to swim. If I do, that's the pool I use cause it's longer than the other one below. It has so little chlorine I can't tell it's there but the other one has salt water which I prefer but it's shorter and it has a canopy over it so it's cooler. I never hang out at a pool or the beach. Swim and go home or stay and work on my laptop. Check out the Kolonial House site. It's hard to stay there when Bali's open because the owner Chris also owns the nearby beautiful Power of Now Yoga place at the beach and it's frequently filled with people going there or doing a teacher training. If you can get a reservation it's about fifty or sixty bucks a night. There are cheaper places.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

More Rain

This morning's sunshower was a sprinkling. This afternoon it got dark and I could smell it coming. It rained hard now just steady. Thunder. On the porch. Bandi on the satte next to me. It's almost chilly. Got to turn the overhead fan off. More thunder. Got up to feed the monsters. A drop of Kuci's wet catfood feel to the floor. Bandi was waiting for it like a wetvac. After feeding her, see a drop of juice from the wet catfood has fallen to the counter and already tiny ants are around it. It's theirs. They are tiny wet vacs. They'll have it all cleaned up before dinnertime I assume.

Fixed the link to sunshower in yesterday's post. Here it is.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


It keeps raining here in Bali this May. It's raining a little now. And it's past rainy season. It was a light rainy season - November through March. I can hear it but it's one of those unusual times when it rains when the sun is out. Sunlight and rain. What's the saying? The Devil is fighting with his wife comes to mind - Katrinka says that. I look it up and come to an interesting page on Wikipedia for Sunshower. where I read that often this phenomena is accompanied by a rainbow. And there's a neat list of such sayings in different countries, things that are said when there's a rain, really just a shower just now and I would guess that's the usual.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Boat of Dream

This is an album from 1986 of songs of mine. Here's a page for it on Hear Now with links to Spotify etc. Just got this. Not sure how much info etc can put here.

Here's a page for it on my music site, Defuser Music dot com with the words and chords and credits.

 All the songs can be heard at both places.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Wrapping Trees

This is an Earth Day photo from the Austin Zen Center which I posted about today on Cuke What's New Blog with another view of this scene. I use this particular photo here because it's got that rope with hanging help or cloth doodads hanging from it in the Japanese style as they do with special trees. It's Shinto not Buddhist but who cares - it's a neat thing to do - to honor or attract good spirits, kami.

Trees with material tied around them can be found in many Asian countries, especially SE Asia - I think. It's done a lot here in Bali, mainly with black and white checkered cloth, kain poleng and especially around banon trees. Lets us know it's a holy tree with spirits not to be bothered. Environmentalists trying to save trees have gone ahead of loggers tying trees in holy cloth to ward off the axes and saws.